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How to fit your new blind.


You Will Need:

  • A pencil
  • A metal tape measure
  • Safety glasses and earplugs
  • An electric or cordless drill, with ‘hammer’ action
  • A ‘Pozi-Drive’ screwdriver suitable for 4mm ‘Pozi-Drive’ screws
  • Suitable screws
  • A spirit level, if you are fitting outside the window recess

Fitting Instructions

  • Gather all your tools and brackets together.
  • Print out the fitting instructions relating to the type of blind you have ordered.
  • Position each bracket where you wish to fit the blind and mark the bracket holes with a pencil.
  • Drill the holes at the points you have marked, holding the drill firmly with both hands.
  • After drilling your holes and tapping in the plugs, just screw your brackets into place. Then simply fit your blinds into the brackets.

Fitting Blinds: Handy Hints

  • Be safe! When drilling, use protective eyewear and earplugs. Use a sturdy step-ladder and never over stretch.
  • If you are drilling into concrete, brick or plaster, use a 5.5mm diameter ‘masonry’ drill bit. Use good quality 4mm X 40mm ‘Pozi-Drive’ screws. Use good quality plugs such as ‘Thorsman Red TP2’. If you are fitting onto wood or uPVC or steel, we recommend using a 3mm ‘High-Speed Steel’ (HSS) drill bit.
  • If you are drilling into tiles, NEVER use the hammer action because you will almost certainly crack your tiles! Get a special ‘tile drill-bit’ from your DIY store. It can be helpful to put masking tape on the tile to prevent the drill-bit slipping when you begin to drill into your tiles.
  • If you are fitting within a window recess, please check that you have made an allowance and that you fit out beyond the window handles and alarm sensors etc. Always start your drill on the slow speed, without the hammer-action on.
  • If you are fitting outside a window recess, it is a good idea to use a spirit-level. Make sure that you do not drill too close to the edge of the window recess as the edge of the plaster may break away.