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Plantation Shutters

  1. About Shutters
  2. Experienced Shutters Team
  3. Shutter Styles
  4. Available Timber Ranges
  5. Examples of Our Work

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Plantation Shutters (also commonly referred to as Window Shutters, Internal Shutters or even Shutter Blinds) are a very popular window treatment with those who wish to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their home. These wooden shutters also give great flexibility in terms of ventilation, light, sound deadening and privacy due to their louvred slats.  At MyBlinds we offer plantation shutters at incredibly competitive prices.

Our Sandringham range of shutters are second to none in terms of quality, the timber and other raw materials used are the finest we have found, and the careful workmanship of the carpenters and joiners involved are beyond reproach - you won't find a better shutter for your home.

MyBlinds are a leading supplier of Plantation Shutters in Ireland due to our commitment to quality and our dedication in ensuring our shutters are affordable.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

plantation shutters components

Plantation Shutters are wooden shutters with horizontal slats (louvres) that can be tilted open or closed, the slats are set in a hinged panel which allows you to open the shutters fully when required.

A tilt-rod runs through the wooden louvres to angle them and control ventilation and light in the room.

You can choose to have shutters on the bottom half of a window only (café style), or have multiple panels which allow you to open the top half while keeping the bottom half closed (tier-on-tier).

Plantation Shutters can be fitted to any shape window or door, including angled windows,  arches or any unusual shapes. Originally designed to offer great privacy they are now often used as a design statement as they add a touch of elegance to any home.

plantation shutters

Highly Experienced Shutters Team

Our Wood Shutters team has been trained to the highest standards and can call on years of experience and knowledge in their work. Wooden Shutters require a greater level of expertise to fit, and this is why we insist on our fitters taking practical Plantation Shutters training in the UK to prepare them for even the most complex shutters project.

Highly Experienced Shutters Team

From simple square windows to more complicated bay windows and arches, our team has received the very best training in surveying and fitting and can undertake the most demanding Shutters projects. Every effort is made to ensure the installation work is completed by the same representative that surveys your project, and all our products come with a three-year warranty - covering shutter finish and hardware - and a non-transferable lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Prices vary from €267 to €387 per square metre (including VAT), depending on the timber chosen and subject to survey.

We cover all areas in Ireland if the job is right, and provide an extensive service around Leinster, Munster and Connaught in particular.


Shutter Styles

Full Height

This is the most popular style of plantation shutter, and can be fitted with or without midrail. The midrail can also be placed to match horizontal glazing bars on your windows for optimal light & privacy control.

Café Style

Café style shutters can be installed to a point anywhere between the top and bottom of a window. The most common implementation is halfway, but any point suiting your window or room is possible. Café style allows light to flood in through the top part of your uncovered window while controlling privacy in the lower part.

Tier on Tier

Two sets of shutters installed one on top of the other in the same frame. This option offers flexible control of light and privacy as each set of shutters operates independently, allowing light in through the top half of the window, for example, while closing the bottom tier for privacy. The split can be positioned in line with a horizontal glazing bar on the window.


Ideal for use where multi-fold Shutter configurations are required such as doors, French windows or room dividers, this style uses tracks to allow a wide expanse of shutter to fold and glide back from the window to open fully.

Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are not louvred and as such provide near blackout where required and better insulation from noise. Also available with a solid shutter base and louvred top - idea for half glazed doors.

Special Shapes

Our expert shutter team can fit plantation shutters to almost any window or door shape, contact us to discuss your requirements.

We provide incredible value on Plantation Shutters
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What timber do we use for our Shutters?

We have six ranges of shutter, our expert team can help you choose the best solution for your home:

Classic Shutters Our most popular range

This is an engineered product made using a MDF outer with a polymer coating. Panels are manufactured to the highest standards using mortise and tenon joints to ensure prolonged quality and durability, and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. Available in a choice of colours.

Cleveland Shutters

Cleveland Shutters are manufactured using a range of composite materials including MDF panels with ABS louvres and MDF frames to produce an outstanding, reliable and tough shutter suitable for most applications. Panels are manufactured as above, using mortise and tenon joints ensuring durability and preventing warping. Available in a choice of solid painted colours.

Marchwood Shutters

Marchwood shutters are a step up in quality, made using engineered, solid hardwood panels and utilising the same MDF frames used on Classic. Panels manufactured to highest standards as per the classic range, using mortise and tenon joints, preventing warping and ensuring durability. Available in a choice of solid colours.

Phoenix Shutters

Phoenix is a very lightweight hardwood, ideal for shutters, that comes from a Parasol tree which has distinctive character and a grain reminiscent of oak that stands out even when painted.

The timber is solution soaked for one month, after which the moisture is vacuumed out leaving a strong but very lightweight, bleached wood. The bleaching leaves the wood almost white, which means that we can offer a range of stained finishes as well as the ever popular painted colours. Phoenix Shutters also feature engineered stiles and are available in matte or gloss and in a wide range of painted and stained colours.

Grovewood Shutters

Grovewood shutters are made from White Teak premium hardwood, a superb fast growing and durable timber, ideal for our wide range of painted and stained finishes. Available in a wide range of painted and stained colours.

Vienna Shutters

Vienna is made from ABS, a highly durable and waterproof material ideal for moist or humid conditions and so is recommended for use in bathrooms and wet rooms.

Vienna shutters are constructed using an enclosed timber core in the stiles to ensure stability and using the same precision manufacturing techniques used in making timber shutters. Available in a range of painted finishes

Examples Of Our Plantation Shutters Work

  • Marchwood full height shutters with centre tilt rods in Limerick

  • Full height shutters fitted in Cork giving flexible privacy and security

  • Full height plantation shutters offering great privacy when closed

  • Special shape Marchwood shutters greatly enhance these windows in Limerick

  • This house in Kinsale increased their property value with a beautiful whole house fit-out

  • Right angle corner fitting in Cork

  • Full height shutters with a hidden tilt rod in the Classic range in Kerry

  • Shutters in a summer house provide extra security and won't mildew when empty

If you have any questions at all, please call us on 1890 200 800