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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to your questions:

On a Roller Blind (or Blackout Roller Blind), is the width of the fabric the width of the blind?

The width of the fabric on a roller blind (or blackout roller blind) IS NOT the width of the blind! The width of a roller blind is the overall width of the blind hardware from one side of the blind to the other side. The hardware width of a roller blinds is ALWAYS greater than the fabric width.

I have the option of choosing braid for the bottoms of my roller blind. But what is braid?

Braid is the binding (or piping) at the end of a roller blind. It gives the blind a more finished look. A roller blind with a scalloped end can look a little unfinished without braid at the bottom of the scallop, so we offer braid as standard. Roller blinds with a turret end can be made with or without braid, depending on your own preferences.

What are blackout blinds?

Roller blinds with a blackout backing are usually referred to as Blackout Blinds. With our fabric Blackout Roller Blinds, the fabric side will always face in to the room, while our PVC Blackout Blinds are PVC on both sides of the blind. Our Blackout Roller Blinds are the only roller blind fabrics available with a blackout backing. Some roman blinds are also available with a blackout lining and these are indicated in the roman blind range. Our Phoenix and Memphis range of vertical blinds is our blackout range of vertical fabrics.

Do blackout blinds completely darken a room?

Light will not pass through a blind made with blackout fabric, but light will always enter the room by coming in around the sides and over the top of the blind. Blackout blinds will help to darken a room but will not completely darken the room. A vertical blind made with blackout fabric, will always allow light to enter around the sides of each louvre.

Are your roman blinds lined?

All of our roman blinds are fully lined as standard. Blackout lining is also available for all roman blinds operated using a side chain mechanism. Please note that beaded braid is not available on blackout roman blinds. 

What type of mechanism do you use for pulling your roman blinds up and down?

You can choose between two different types of control mechanisms when selecting your blind. We offer a chain control mechanism, operated by pulling the chain to raise the blind and automatically holding it in place. We also offer a lower cost cord & cleat mechanism. The cord & cleat mechanism is operated by pulling the fabric cords to raise the blind to the desired height and then securing the cord in place around a cleat fixed to the wall.

What type of wood do you use in your wooden venetian blinds?

We use only kiln-dried basswood in our wooden venetian blinds. 

In the Wooden Venetian Blinds, what are ladder tapes?

Ladder Tapes are an optional extra feature available with the Wooden Venetian Blinds. These are colour co-ordinated or contrasting decorative fabric-tapes that run vertically down the outside of the blind instead of the more usual cords.

Are your venetian blinds plastic; the same as I can get in my local discount store?

Certainly not! Our venetian blinds are a top quality product and made to last. All slats are aluminium and your each blind includes steel colour co-ordinated headrails and bottomrails and colour co-ordinated cords. Please note that while the slat colours are always an excellent match to the headrails & bottomrails, they will not always be an identical colour match.

How can I be sure that my Credit or Debit Card details are secure?

We use Realex as our payment processing provider. Realex payments are certified and approved by several of the leading financial institutions and are leaders in on-line payments security technology. Realex systems and security controls are based on current industry standards. There are several layers of technology in place to ensure the confidentiality, authentication and integrity of information, thus ensuring that the information received from every single customer is totally secure and confidential.

How will I know that you have received my order?

After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from us, usually on the same day.

Can you send my blinds to a different address than my home address?

We can send your blinds to any Irish address that you nominate. We will be pleased to follow the delivery instructions on your order.

When can I expect delivery after I place my order?

Every blind is custom-made to order. At we will do our very best to ensure that your blinds are made and dispatched to you within 15 - 20 days of receipt of your order, but delays can sometimes occur due to unforseen circumstances.

How many samples can I order?

You can order up to 10 samples at any one time, allowing you to compare different options and find the perfect match for your interior.

My blind has just been delivered and it looks a little different to the free sample.

Fabrics may often come from different batches or different dye-lots and can vary slightly from one batch to the next, so your blind may not be identical to your sample. Wooden venetian blinds may often have slightly different colour slats within each blind, and from one blind to the next, so your blind may not match your sample exactly. This is a naturally occurring feature of real wood. At, we will always do our utmost to ensure that blinds ordered at the same time are manufactured from the same batch of material. Blinds ordered at different times may not match even though manufactured from fabric (or slats) of the same name, from the same supplier.

Are blinds easy to measure and fit?

Yes, our blinds are very easy to fit.  If you follow our You Measure Directions and our You Fit Directions, you will fit your blinds quickly and easily. Also remember; the better the measuring, the easier the fitting!

How do I measure for blinds in a bay window?

We have measured and fitted thousands of blinds in bay windows and they can be tricky as the layout of each situation can be different to the next. We recommend that you call us on LoCall 1890 200 800 (Republic of Ireland), so that we may advise you on how to measure your bay window.

I have just received my blind and it is the wrong size!

Please check your original measurements and your order to us. If we have made a mistake we will re-make the blind and get it to you as quickly as possible, just e-mail

My measurements were wrong - My blind won’t fit!

Every blind is specially made to measure so we cannot make refunds. For this reason, please take great care when measuring and ordering your blinds.

The louvres (fabric veins) on my vertical blind are not lining up!

Pull the beaded chain in one direction until some of the louvres are in the closed position. Keep pulling the chain slowly but firmly which will force all the louvres into the closed position. The gearbox will make continuous clicking noises as the louvres close. This noise is normal and only occurs when you are lining up the louvres!

The louvres (fabric veins) on my vertical blind won’t turn!

This is an easy problem to fix! The louvres were probably fitted in the closed position and each louvre is trapping the next one and preventing it from opening! Please remove all the louvres. Pull the control chain, until the jaws of the hooks are all facing in the opposite direction to the control chain. Re-fit the louvres, starting with the louvre closest to the control chain. Each louvre should now be hanging in the fully open position and the blind should operate perfectly.