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Category: Factual

  • We all like to have nice posessions but these are a bit elaborate for me...
    These are the top ten ten most expensive furnishings in reverse order.
    10.  Vividus Mattress - $60,000 (Approx €53,ooo)

     This bed is bed is allegedly the most luxurious of all luxury beds.  It contains 210 kilos of all natural materials and take 320 ...

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  • Make your kitchen pop!

    Generally, this is the first place a potential buyer will look when viewing your home. Make sure that your kitchen is clean, uncluttered and is not too dated.  If your kitchen does look a little dated it can be as simple as changing door handles and giving your cabinet doors a lick ...

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  • This weeks blog was inspired by an Instagrammer by the name of "ABANDON_ALL_HOPE", whose Instagram account is based on abandoned spaces around the world.  After viewing the pictures on this account, I decided to do a quick search online of abandoned buildings around Ireland.  I have mixed feelings, really, about what I found.  I came ...

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  • From the 11th to the 13th of April this year, the Ideal Homes Exhibition took place in the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin. The Ideal Homes is the top exhibition for home owners and potential homes owners with displays from Colortrend, Ireland's leading decorative paints brand, to Woodies DIY demonstrations and of course :)  The ...

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  • Unfortunately we currently live in a world where our e-mail inbox's are inundated daily with spam, so a lot of people are reluctant to share their email address if they don't deem it necessary.
    When you call us at the office to request a phone call about our Free Home Service, we will ask you a ...

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