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Tips for selling your home!!

Make your kitchen pop!

Generally, this is the first place a potential buyer will look when viewing your home. Make sure that your kitchen is clean, uncluttered and is not too dated.  If your kitchen does look a little dated it can be as simple as changing door handles and giving your cabinet doors a lick of paint to update and brighten the space. (Painting cabinet doors is a time consuming job.  Preparation is key and get as much advice from your hardware store as possible.) The brighter and less cluttered the space will give the impression of more floor area.

Bathroom blues... 

After your kitchen, your bathroom is the next room to look at. A grotty and dingy bathroom will easily dissuade any potential purchasers. See my previous blog post "Up-style your bathroom" for cheap and easy ways to update your bathroom.

Add a bedroom in an instant.
















If you are currently using a bedroom in your home as an office or a study, then a good idea is to re-dress the room as a bedroom. Alternatively if space allows add a day bed or futon to give the illusion that the room can be used as a bedroom. It can be difficult for potential purchasers to imagine a space being used for any other purpose.

Start from the bottom!

Have a look at your flooring.  If it is looking a bit tired you don't necessarily have to go to the extent of replacing floors.  A couple of strategically placed mats and rugs will cover a multitude of sins.  Changing floors, unless they are in a particularly bad condition, can be a waste of money.  This is most likely the one of the first things a new owner will replace to put their own "stamp" on the property.

Curb Appeal...

Tidy gardens, cut grass, and tidy any foot paths.  A few potted plants with some colour will give a nice touch...

Repair it!

Consider carrying out any repairs that you have been putting on the long finger.  If a potential buyer spots a small hole in a wall they wonder what else needs work.


Unfortunately as human beings, we tend to lack imagination at times.  This means taking most of your "stamp" from your home will allow home buyers to imagine living in your property.

The most important thing to remember is that you have eight seconds to make your first impression and the small touches will make all the difference!!


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