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The most expensive furniture in the world...

We all like to have nice posessions but these are a bit elaborate for me...


These are the top ten ten most expensive furnishings in reverse order.

10.  Vividus Mattress - $60,000 (Approx €53,ooo)

 This bed is bed is allegedly the most luxurious of all luxury beds.  It contains 210 kilos of all natural materials and take 320 man hours to complete.  This bed is very ordinary looking but will apparently give you the best sleep you've ever had.



9. Archeo Copper Bath Tub - $68,000 (Approx €60,000)

I really don't see the fascination with this one.  Literally the only difference I can see between this and a normal copper bath is that it was manufactured by the copper workers that restored the torch on The Statue of Liberty.




8. Plemebanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa - $184,000 (Approx €162,000)

This sofa does not look particularly comfortable to me but each to their own.  This is a mahogany framed sofa that has Diamond encrusted platinum buttons.




7. Parnian Desk - $200,000 (Approx €176,000)

This is a U.S. based furniture manufacturer that will design and build your custom desk.  The company uses exotic woods to manufacture their products and like to call these pieces "power desks".




6. Solid Gold Stool - $1,300,000 (Approx €1,150,000)

This stool is manufactured using 110lbs of solid gold and is manufactured in China.  I'll have two please!! ;)





5. Aresline Xten Office Chair - $1,500,000 (Approx €1,320,000)

This chair is manufactured by Pininfarina.  The also make luxury cars such as Ferrari and is supposedly the most ergonomic chair on the market.





4. Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed - $1,600,000 (Approx €1,400,000)

This bed took six years to design and uses opposing magnetic forces to stay airbourne. Not for me though I'm afraid.





3. The Tufft Table - $4,600,000 (Approx €4,050,000)

This Roccoco style chair was hand carved in the 18th century.  This is a highly detailed piece of furniture and exceeded it's expected market value at auction by $3,000,000.




2. Dragon's Chair - $27,800,00 (Approx €24,800,000)

This Irish made chair was manufactured by an Irish lady named Eileen Gray and took two years to complete.  This chair is now in the posession of Yves St Laurent.





1.  The Badminton Chest - $37,600,000 (Approx €32,000,000)

This is the only piece that I actually like!  You cannot store your sporting goods in this "cupboard".  This piece of furniture is so intricate that it took 30 people, six years to complete.





It's lucky that our blinds and plantation shutters are priced so low, you may be able to afford these now!!!


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