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Make your bedroom your paradise!!

I love my comfort, plain and simply,  I am quite lazy.  My bedroom is my little sanctuary and I like to keep it just right.


Here are a few pointers for making your bedroom your haven.


Where you lay your head...

It's always worthwhile to invest in a good quality bed and bedding.  Think about it.  It's where you spend more time than anywhere else. Any good furniture store will give advice as to which bed is best for you. Good quality bedding that breathes is also a good investment.  This does not have to be ultra expensive. Cotton is best and Dunnes Stores supply perfectly good linens that won't break the bank.


Electronics :(

Unfortunately, the blue backlight that radiates from most electronic devices affects the way we sleep.  Eliminate TV's and such from your bedroom, if possible.  If you use a device to read, change light settings to night mode, this changes the backlight to a more mellow tone, to allow you to relax.  Most devices will offer this option.



Store everything you don't need to keep to hand. Nobody needs 12 books stacked on their bedside table, that threaten to fall on your head everytime you move. (I should listen to my own advice on this one!)  Uncluttering your space makes it easier to relax and unwind.


Wall Colour...

Most people know that colour affects your mood.  Soothing colours are best to relax your mind.  Soft whites, blues and greys are ideal.  Once your mind is soothed, your body won't be long in following.



Keep your cool!

It may seem logical that a warm room will help you sleep better but this is not the case.  A room that is too warm will make you uncomfortable and make it harder for you to settle.  Keep the room on the cooler side and use your bedding to adjust your body temperature.  Your body will let you know what it prefers.


Go green...

Keep some real potted plants in your bedroom. These will filter your air, enabling you to get a better and deeper sleep.




Be happy!

Even though you will have decluttered your space this does not mean you have to put everything away.  A good tip is to surround yourself with things that make you happy.  Flower and pictures of loved ones, items that you attached a good memory to, will enable you to begin and end the day on a good note.


Light Control...

During the day, the space should be bright and airy and the hours you need to sleep you should have as little light as possible.  At MyBlinds we sell a huge range of blackout blinds to assist you with your beauty sleep.



I hope this helps you create the peace and tranquillity you deserve!!

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