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Give your home a touch of Summer!

Styling your home for Summer is a very simple task to accomplish and need not be expensive. Making a few small changes will give a Summer vibe to your living space, which is great as we live in the land of never ending Winter.









Flowers are an ideal way to brighten a room.  Whether artificial or real these will add a lovely feel to a room and can be very simple to create yourself.











Changing cushion covers and throws in your living room, bedroom, and conservatory can completely change the feel of the space and can be very reasonably priced.










Change out the pictures in your frames for snaps of sunny beach days and golden summer afternoons to give the illusion of warmth and bring memories of wonderful lazy days.











Swap Winter rugs for lighter, brighter rugs to give more airy feel to your home.










Clean your windows.  A sparkling pane of glass is essential to view the sunshine.










Take this oppurtunity to touch up any marks or scrapes on your walls.  This is give an automatic clean and crisp feel to your home.  Be sure to patch test any touch up paint to ensure a colour match.


I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and that you found this piece helpful.


Please note: I do not own these pictures.



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