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Finding the best window treatments to suit your needs!

Whether you are tucked away in the countryside or or a kerbside city dweller we all have to think the same way when it comes to window dressings.  Privacy is the main reason for having to use window dressings.  Today I am going to run through the pro's and con's of the main window dressings available today.

Roller Blinds






Roller blinds tend to be the old reliable when it comes to blinds these days.  Roller blinds are great to give a nice simple look, serve their purpose very well and can also be made using blackout fabrics.  One downside to roller blinds is that they are not as flexible as other blinds when it comes to privacy as when they are pulled up on the window, the window is then completely bare. That being said, roller blinds are still as popular as they ever were.

Venetian Blinds






Venetian blinds are equally as popular as the roller blinds and there is no longer the price difference between the two ranges.  Venetian blinds create fantastic privacy and can be adjusted just right to the preferred level of privacy.  The one downside to venetian blinds is that the can, unfortunately block the light that enters the property but a little insider tip is that the bigger the slat size you chose the more light will enter through the blind when opened.  At MyBlinds.ie we manufacture three types of venetian blinds, real wood, aluminium and "faux wood".  The faux wood range are not real timber, even though it can be hard to tell the difference and they can also be a little more hard wearing than the real mccoy.

Roman Blinds






Roman blinds are very much the prettiest blinds you can purchase at the moment (in my opinion :)).  They are available in a huge range of fabric and can be lined in accordance with your needs.  The interlining option will also provide an extra insulation to your windows.  The only downside with these again, as with the roller blinds, is that roman blinds are either covering the window or they're not.

Vertical Blinds






Vertical blinds, like the venetian blinds, can be tilted by you to your preferred level of privacy and you will not lose as much light filtering in as you would with the venetian blinds.  Vertical blinds, however, are not for everybody as people still refer to these as office blinds.  In my opinion, however, this is not the case as vertical blinds now come in a huge range of fabrics and in every colour of the rainbow to add that little pop to your space.

Pleated Blinds






Pleated blinds are my personal favourite type of blind.  They come in a wide range of colour and are very delicate and pretty in their style but are not delicate at all in their use (within reason).  When a pleated blind is in its fully retracted position then the blind is extremely low profile.  Unfortunately though, as with the roller and roman blinds when a pleated blind is retracted it will not cover the window in any way.

Plantation Shutters






Plantation shutters are hugely popular at the moment as they offer many benefits including increased security.  They also have a fabulous clean look and are very much a permanent solution to dressing your windows.  Plantation shutters are also the least problematic of the products available today as they are fitted, by us, to such a high standard that very little can go wrong.  The plantation shutters are also much more hypoallergenic than fabric blinds.  The only "con" to shutters is, again, the loss of light but plantation shutters are supplied with larger slat sizes than venetian blind and so will allow a decent amount of light to filter through.

Unfortunately, as you can tell from the above, it is virtually impossible to find one type of window dressing that is the perfect solution.  It's about weighing the pro's and con's for each type and figuring out what is best for you.  I hope I have made your decision easier in some way!!!






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