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Bringing the outside in...

At this time of year, we tentatively begin to open windows and doors to outside and begin to dust off the Winter, it is now that we think of our spring clean, both inside and out.


Most people would love more living space in their home and one way to achieve this is to carry your living space through to your garden.There are a few different ways to do this.


The first of these would be to add a conservatory or sunroom to your home.  This may be an expensive option but will also add value to your property.  Essentially with a conservatory, your are creating a bridge from your the outdoors to the interior.  Using bright and warm colours will give the feel of summer all year round.  Neutral colours on walls and flooring in natural and earthy materials will give you the desired effect.

Unfortunately, temperature control in these rooms can be difficult owing to the amount of glass in these areas.  At MyBlinds we supply a full range of conservatory pleated blinds. Each of our fabrics have, what is called in the blinds industry, a solar shade factor.  This dictates how much solar energy is transmitted through the fabric.  All of our pleated blinds meet European Standards BS EN 13120 for both safety and performance.  Pleated blinds are a great solution for those seeking here at retention in the Winter and heat reflection in Summer.  We can also provide Velux blinds for any Velux branded windows you may need to cover.  Our interlined roman blinds are also a great option for heat retention as you have, as such, three layers separating the window and the interior.

The second option for creating an extra living space is to install an awning.  This is a great way to extend your home at fraction of the cost.  There are several different types of awnings available on the market. In an open awning the fabric, when retracted, is still fully exposed to the elements.  The second type available is the Semi-Cassetted version.  The fabric in these awnings, while covered by the hardware at the top of the awning, is essentially still exposed.  The awnings we supply at MyBlinds are fully-cassetted.  This means that the fabric in our awnings is fully enclosed when retracted.  This provides protection from our very unpredictable weather. Our awnings also have a removable valance that can be stored during Winter months.  Our fabrics are supplied by a company called Dickson-Constant.  These fabrics are anti-fade, anti-mould and are water resistant.  The hardware for our awnings is supplied by a Belgian company and each component is powder coated for longevity.  MyBlinds awnings are specially designed for the weather in the UK and Ireland as opposed to off the shelf awnings that are really only suited to the continental weather.  Our awnings are operated in two ways.  The first of these is crank operated, this option is manually extended and retracted. The second option is motorised. This is operated using a motor that is hardwired and remote controlled.  Our motorised awnings can also be fitted with wind and vibrations sensors that cause the awning to retract automatically in the event that the awning has been awning has been left extended in inclement weather.  These awnings can also be fitted with lights and heaters, essentially creating a new living space outdoors.


This space can then be enclosed further by hedging and fencing. When decorating this, it can be treated to a certain extent, in the same way as an interior.  Creating a focal point and having defined seating areas will make optimal use of your new space.  Potted plants and brightly coloured soft touches will make this a space you want to use frequently, and who doesn't like to dine al fresco?!


If you have any queries with regards to our awnings, pleated blinds, roman blinds or any of our products, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 1890 200 800 or email [email protected] and we will come back to you as soon as possible.




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  • Mae
    Absolutely, by using awnings or blinds it can help to prevent from sunrise or heat. In short, it is a serves as a shield. Thanks, for the ideas shared on this site..

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