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Interior Design Trends for 2017

With 2016 rapidly drawing to a close, its time to start thinking about the inevitable spring clean and home update. 2017 will be all about comfort and warmth, with products such as terracotta and richly textured fabrics.


Terra floor

As I said above flooring is all about warmth with terracotta tiling and reclaimed wooden flooring being key trends.

Wood floor

This gives a cosy rustic look that requires little to no maintainance.  Alternatively a good quality laminate flooring can create the look we are trying to achieve.

grey floor

Bold dark statement flooring is ideal with the exception of grey flooring, this is a trend that looks like it is here to stay.  Grey's in the next season do, however, tend to ebb towards warmer shades.


silver mirror

Metal is a trend that is firmly sticking around for 2017 but the key tones have strayed from the gold and copper finish, that we have seen over the last few years, to silvers and chromes.


Natural textures are also a big trend for 2017. Rattans, bamboos and woven materials will all be here to, again, create the illusion of warmth and comfort.

Upstyling will be very popular also and so if you have an ugly piece of furniture that you just can't throw away, then don't be afraid to get adventurous.

Wall Coverings and Paint Colours

grey beige livng room

2017's wall colour's are edging towards nuetral and earthy tones, not quite pastels but not going as far as jewel tones either. Again comfort and relaxation are what we are aiming for.

Sandberg Skog

Wallpaper is a trend that never seems to die but 2017's trend will be wall art in the form of a picture as shown ___. This is a particular favourite of mine as I find it quite surreal.  This wall are is supplied by Sandberg and is known as Skog.

Soft Furnishings


Again, (and I am sorry for repeating myself), the trend on this category is for warmth and opulence.  Emerald green is a huge trend in soft furnishings for 2017.  This may be a little strong for some peoples tastes but can be used as an accent colour over more nuetral tones.



Lighting trends in 2017 are erring towards the unusual.  Metals, again, with geometric designs.  Lamps with metal look bases and dark shade to keep the light to a soft and comforting glow.

Window Dressings

Window Dressing

Window dressings are ever changing, with the latest trends also heading towards warmth.  Venetian blinds in warm timber colours, rollers in woven fabrics such as our Amazon range and curtains and romans.

As a person who has been in the window dressing business for many years, my one piece of advice would be to not neglect your window dressings as they are vitally important to the end result of your newly designed room and can create a beautiful focal point.  Window dressings can also update an older room with very little cost and effort.

I hope this article helps you make some decisions regarding any rooms you may wish to upgrade.  Also if you would like any advice or recommendations please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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