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Décor for your new addition.

As a new mother, this week, I have decided to write about something close to my heart, nursery décor.

hensvik-cot-white__0133466_pe288944_s3When you are facing into the daunting task of decorating a  nursery you need to consider having a balance of practicality and a relaxing environment for your little one.  As most newborns, but not all, will spend their first few months in their parents bedroom, the nursery will be used mostly for storage during these months.  In my honest opinion you only need two main pieces of furniture for your nursery, the crib and the changing/storage unit. You don't need to spend a fortune on your crib as an Ikea crib will serve you just as well as a designer branded crib. My suggestion would be to make your major spend the storage unit as this can, then, be used for many years.  A simple changing mat placed on top of your storage unit as a changing table. Don't forget to attach your storage unit to the wall as this can be very dachanging matngerous for your baby.  A wider dresser, as shown in the picture, would be extremely useful as you can keep an stock of nappies, wipes and other useful bits and pieces to hand for those emergency changes.  I also had rocking chair that was to be used for comfortable night feeds but to be honest it was rarely used.  My main piece of advice would be STORAGE, you cannot have enough storage.


As for flooring, carpet really does have a lovely soft finish, but may not be the most practical.  A nice laminate (hard wearing) with a nice, soft, practical and most importantly washable rug will solve the problem of spilled milk and other unsavoury liquids.


nmurseryWall colours need to be soothing and relaxing.  Soft greys, soothing blues, and warm creams and taupe are all ideal.  If you are going for pink, make sure it is a nice soft, almost white with a touch of pink.  A strong colour can give an energetic vibe and take this from a parent of a seven month old who knows, you need to do everything you possibly can to increase those essential hours of sleep


Now, onto possibly the most important part of the room, besides the baby, the window dressing. Choosing the correct window dressing is essential as this can mean the difference between sleep and no sleep. :(


Although IMAG0330no blind will give you 100% blackout, dimming out as much light as possible will make your life much easier.  Our suppliers have some really beautiful options for both roller blinds and roman blinds, that can really spruce up a room.  Also all of our blinds are supplied with child safety devices so that any cords can be secured out of the way of little hands.



To finish the room add a few shelves for plush toys and a few nice pictures on the wall and you will have a wonderful yet practical nursery ready for your baby to destroy!!!





I hope you found this piece helpful and as always if you have any queries with regards to decorating your nursery or any of the products shown please comment below and I will get back to you.




Until next time....





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