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Why I love Plantation Shutters...

Hi Guys....

Its been quite a while since I said hello last.. Back to school, a family wedding and the like, consumed all my time but I'm back now I promise..

Definitely our best selling product at the moment are the Plantation Shutters. I think everybody falls in love with them as soon as they clap eyes on them. I suppose people are wary of even inquiring about them as they would deem them to be too expensive. In fact this is not the case at all, our shutter blinds are as affordable as a good pair of lined, made-to-measure curtains. I would love to have them everywhere in my house.

I suppose the part of them I like the best is that they are a permanent fixture. These will last you a lifetime if loved and looked after. Cleaning is also a doddle which is always a huge bonus.

The biggest issue I think with blinds is child safety at the moment.  This is not a factor with the shutters.. No cords = No worries!

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Apart from all the practicalities, is the fact that they look spectacular in any type of setting. We have fitted thousands at this stage and in every configuration you can possibly imagine and every time I get the pictures back from our fitters, they never fail to stun me with how they have changed the look of a home and how they look like they were meant to be there from the beginning.

I could keep shouting their virtues all day, really, so I better stop typing before I begin to bore you to death...

If you have any queries on our Plantation Shutters or would like a quotation or a brochure, please don't ever hesitate to contact us... it never hurts to ask!!

Here is a link to our contact details:

I'll sign off for now and I will hopefully get another post up next week....

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