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Use what you have lying around to clean your home...

This week I was browsing the web when I came across an article on the Huffington Post that detailed cleaning tips. I came across a few strange ones that I never would have thought would work so I decided to let you know about them...


Ketchup is great for untarnishing stainless steel pot. I am 100% going to try this one as I have a pot at home with a few years that I refuse to use as I am convinced there are some kind of germs hiding in the stains. :D

Apparently a great way to clean the bottom of your iron is with toothpaste.  I don't know I never iron anything (lucky that I work in an online store I suppose!!) but please do not try this while the iron is hot....

Use a hair dryer to remove dust from light fixtures and home decor that woud otherwise be very finicky.  You will have to dust the entire room when you are finished by the object you wanted to clean will be sparkling!

To remove tea and coffee stains from the inside of your mugs, wipe the inside with a slice of lemon.  My brother in law swears by washing the cup out with salt but I have never tried it so don't take my word for it.lemon

If you live in a hard water area and get a build up of limescale in your toilet, pour a can of cola into the bowl, leave for an hour and then flush.  Problem solved!

If like everybody else you have the annoyance of water marks on your glassware, rub a raw potato skin along the glass and then buff.  Dazzling....

To remove marks from your walls gently rub with a slice of white bread and bang they're gone!

A great way to stop your salt pot from getting damp and the salt clumping together is to mix dry rice into the pot.  The rice will absorb the moisture.  Incidentely this is also a great way to rescue a phone that has been drowned...

yellow gloves

If you have animals or, like me, long hair that is constantly all over the house.  Put on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe across carpet and upholstery and they will stick to the glove.


A common problem when buying second hand timber furniture are ring marks on the lacquer.  A simple way to remove these is to place a towel over the ring mark and run your iron over it.  Please test this on a small patch first but I have tried this and it works really well.

I suppose the most important part of this article are the tips for cleaning your blinds.

1. I find cleaning venetian blinds absolutely horrendous but it is not so much of a chore if you clean them with your vacuum cleaner.  Use the soft brush attachment and a low suction and move horizontally.  It's really simple.  NOTE: Support each slat with your hand so as to prevent breakage.

2. Use the same proceedure for vertical blinds but move down each louvre individually to prevent damage to chains and weights.  This also stops the blind from getting tangled in itself.

3. Use a babywipe or a slightly damp cloth on your fabric blinds to remove little marks but don't ever soak them as the fabric will never be the same again.

4. Never ever ever ever ever machine wash a roman blind.  The fabric will shrink considerably.

If you have any households tips, whether they be something your mom used or something utterly wierd, that you have come across please share in the comments below for us all to enjoy...

Talk to you all soon...........


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  • jc
    As a child in the 50's we often used bread to erase pencil marks if we did not have an eraser. The baby wipes will clean almost anything including paint splash on floors and windows if the painter is a bit messy, I often wonder what they do to babies.

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