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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Hi all..
    Just a quick post this week about the effect the colours in your home can have on your mood.

    Blue is calming, relaxing and cooling in lighter shades and dynamic and dramatic is deeper hues.

    Green is soothing and relaxing. It helps to alleviate depression and anxiety and evokes balance, harmony and peace.

    Yellow is a ...

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  • The use of balance in your home is one of the most important principles of Interior design.  An unbalanced interior can be very uncomfortable.  Sometimes this would be the desired effect but generally the goal is visual balance.  Visual balance is done by the even distribution of visual weight throughout the home. I think the ...

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  • This weeks blog was inspired by an Instagrammer by the name of "ABANDON_ALL_HOPE", whose Instagram account is based on abandoned spaces around the world.  After viewing the pictures on this account, I decided to do a quick search online of abandoned buildings around Ireland.  I have mixed feelings, really, about what I found.  I came ...

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