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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • We are being constantly asked by customers if we supply curtains. The answer is we don't but we are about to! We have been supplying Roman Blinds for almost five years now, so we have decided that it's time for us to 'get into' Curtains. Well, Roman Blinds are made with curtain fabric and curtain ...

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  • This week we decided to look into the origins of some of our products. Many people think of  blinds and shutters’ simply as décor that provides shading, and never dwell on its historical importance. It’s always interesting to explore the products you buy, and at MyBlinds we decided to help our customers do just that!
    We decided ...

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  • When choosing the correct blinds for your home, one usually has a mental checklist:
    To complement the rest of the décor.
    To allow the correct amount of  sunlight.
    To provide an element of privacy.

    If you have young children, we strongly encourage you to add one more to your list, safety features. Choose blinds that have safety features or ...

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  • When free from crumpled clothes, football boots, computers and school bags, it's actually quite an interesting challenge to freshen up a boy's bedroom.
    Lots of storage, like for any child's room, is vital but when it comes to window treatments, few other styles of window blinds offer everything that Venetian Blinds can provide.
    We came across a ...

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