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Buy your Blackout Blinds online now and fit them yourself. You'll be delighted with the savings! Blackout Roller Blinds block out most of the light and also provide great privacy. While they don’t block all the light, Blackout Blinds will help the kids (and yourself) to sleep later, on bright summer mornings! We manufacture our fabric Blackout Roller Blinds with the fabric side facing into the room and the blackout lining facing out, while our PVC Blackouts are PVC on both sides. Easy to fit; look at the fitting videos on our "Do It Yourself" page.

We have recently introduced our new Memphis Range of Blackout Roller Blinds. This range comes in over 20 colours and are 'self' colour at the back of the fabric; so the blue blackout blinds have a blue blackout lining and the pink blackouts have a pink lining etc.

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Why you should choose Myblinds for your blackout roller blinds

We have been making blackout roller blinds for approx 20 years, but it's only in the last few years that blackout blinds have become really popular. We now have a huge selection to choose from with every colour of the rainbow now available. As our blackout blinds have a blackout layer made up of 3 micro-layers of foam-coating blackout material, our blackout blinds provide great insulation too. So if your little darlings won't go to sleep on summer evenings and are waking early at the weekends, why not give us a call on LoCall 1890 200 800 and we'll make you a blackout roller blind quickly and at a lower price than you'd expect.